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Who doesn't love a pocket...

Inside a pocket?

Airpods? Phones? Card holders? Is it just us or are things becoming more expensive and much easier to lose! That's why all our hoodies come standard with a stache pocket inside the front pouch.

Because losing stuff sucks!

25 years of reef rash

we go together like sea & surf

Our Cleethorpes range is designed for everyone in our hometown who has a passion for riding the waves, or grinding their favourite ledge. Over 25 years, we’ve become the go-to place in town for quality beach, surf and skateboarding gear, with a friendly team trusted to provide expert advice, tips, tricks and recommendations.  

If you’re a Cleethorpes native who never strays far from our beloved meggies, or who can’t get enough of the famous fish and chips, our Cleethorpes clothing range is designed to remind you of your favourite seaside town wherever you go. Whether it’s SUPing on the Humber, rocking up the Kingsway in your campervan, or catching some rays on the promenade - we’re Cleethorpes through and through, and we’ll be keeping things that way.