Bestway Hydro-Force 65310 Freesoul 11'2" Sup Stand Up Paddle board


Bestway Hydro-Force 65310 Freesoul 11'2" Sup Stand Up Paddle board

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Bestway Hydro-Force 65310 Freesoul 11'2" Sup Stand Up Paddle board

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Surely you have seen it at the sea and maybe you didn't even know what it was called, but the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board has grown in popularity in recent years and its success is largely due to its ability to offer an extremely fun and enjoyable experience in the water.

The Bestway Freesoul SUP board differs from the classic rigid boards in that it is an inflatable model, ready for use in a few minutes and easily transportable, that allows you to paddle on any body of water.

Freesoul is the ideal inflatable SUP for those approaching this type of activity for the first time: this is due to the fact that it is very comfortable to use, especially if you have never tried rigid boards, the large size combined with the the excellent stability make it a board that is suitable for all those who want to approach this type of water sport.

Extremely performing and rigid even during frequent and intensive use once inflated and put in the water, you can enjoy maximum stability standing on the board thanks to the non-slip deck that will allow you to face long excursions on flat water, through large lakes or calm seas, discovering the coves close to the cliff or even entering sea caves, which are often too small for a boat.

The performance of Bestway's SUP Freesoul is on par with a rigid board but in terms of comfort it is far superior. In fact, before assembly this inflatable board has very small and compact dimensions, contained in the special backpack, together with the inflation pump, the paddle and the other assembly accessories; this is an important aspect when you don't have a place to keep your SUP. Having one that fits comfortably in the trunk of the car and that is inflated in just a few minutes is certainly much more comfortable than having a rigid one that takes up a lot of space.

As for the dimensions, the board falls into the category of SUP touring as it measures 3.40 meters in length, 89 cm in width with a thickness of 15 cm, sufficiently wide and long to make steering faster and easier. Thanks also to the tapered hull that allows the board to glide on the water better. In terms of resistance, this paddle board is made by combining the quality and technology that have always distinguished the Bestway brand, Tritech, a special three-state reinforced PVC with a Dropstitch knit core, a sturdy polyester core with a thousand threads. enclosed by two layers of laminated PVC. This means that in addition to guaranteeing an exceptional durability of the board, the special type of design creates a really extremely solid armor, which allows the SUP to cope with all the force of the water without suffering the slightest damage.

In addition to being inflatable, this model also stands out for its great versatility: by fixing the seat with backrest and footrest to the table, the SUP Freesoul turns into a comfortable kayak, ideal for those who love long excursions or for those who want practice yoga exercises at sunset in relaxation and tranquility. At the center of the board there is also the predisposition to insert the mast foot of the sail to practice and dedicate oneself to windsurfing. In short, you have the possibility to change sport whenever you like and even if you fall into the water the elastic cord always ensures you can back to the board.

The directional and removable fins under the board will make this SUP even easier to maneuver, an ideal feature especially for the less experienced. On board, in the front, there is a convenient storage net where you can place a backpack or why not even your fishing equipment. After the activity, carrying the SUP out of the water is even more comfortable thanks to the practical side handles.

On board the Bestway's Freesoul fun is guaranteed! Don't feel like standing and paddling? Turn SUP into a kayak. Do you want to try windsurfing? The removable daggerboard will allow you to ride the foaming waves!

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Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 340x89x15cm (length, width, thickness)
  • SUP Paddle Board Bestway Hydro-Force Convertible Set line
  • Touring type
  • Max capacity 160 kg
  • Recommended inflation 15PSI
  • Structure in laminated PVC with TriTech and Dropstitch technology
  • Ergonomic removable seat and footrest for kayak mode
  • Removable daggerboard for windsurfing mode
  • 1 Removable aluminum double-blade paddle
  • 2 removable fins
  • Bungee cord in the bow
  • Elastic anklet
  • Manual pump
  • Side handles and hook
  • Transport backpack
  • Repair kit